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SEM / SEO / PPC Manager

Download a sample job description for Director of Search Marketing.

The Work:

The Search Engine Marketing Manager oversees the planning, optimizing, implementing and analyzing of natural and paid search engine activities.  They are responsible for the top-to-bottom management of all pay-per-click (PPC) and search engine optimization (SEO) including forecasting and budgeting.  This person works both at the strategic and tactical level touching all aspects of the organization's search marketing roadmap such as keyword management, creation of campaign messaging, bidding strategies, creative testing and analytics.  They can also be in charge of affiliate and online advertising programs.  

What to Look for:


Candidates must have a strong grasp of html, the basics of Web design and information architecture, site maps, as well as server-level optimization and re-directs.

Communication Skills

One of the things that I sometimes finding lacking in these candidates is the ability to explain SEO methodologies to those who have little or no knowledge of how it works.  You want someone who can translate complex terminology into terms laypeople can understand, and that's especially true when dealing with senior leaders in the C-suite, but even middle-level managers as well.


This is a skill required of any discipline with the ecoystem of digital marketing, but SEO/SEM/PPC in particular requires the ability to decipher countless reports filled with numbers, charts and technical jargon.  You want someone who is adept at quickly analyzing data and spotting opportunities for improvement.

A Good Eye for Content

Candidates need more than just a strong knowledge of content marketing. They must have an eye for high-quality content and how to distribute that content.  Good writing skills are also important.


Search experts have to be adept at researching what competitors are doing, what Google is doing, and what others in the industry are doing.

"Must Have" Tactical Skills.  Make sure the candidate has strong familiarity with all of the following:

  • SEO tools such Moz, SEO Book, Majestic
  • Keyword reserch tools including Google Adwords Keyword Tool, Google Webmaster Tools, Bing Keyword Research, Wordtracker, UberSuggest and SEMRush
  • Analytics tools such as Google Analytics, ClickTale, Lyris, Wordstream, WooRank, HubSpot Marketing Grader.
  • Paid Search ads (Google AdWords, Bing Ads)
  • Spreadsheets.
  • Advanced search engine operators (for example site:, allinanchor: and intext:)
  • Coding ability- html, CSS and Javascript

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